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Summer Night Market

Checked out the Summer Night Market in Richmond for the first time this season – saw some yummy new food booths and I must admit that the crazy hurricane potato on stick was a visual hit, and most delicious too! The Japanese food booths were new this year to me as I normally stuck to the dumplings and bbq squid. I tried the sumo bites, korean fish shaped waffle stuffed with red bean and chocolate, along with tiny skewers of Japanese meat and cheese! I am sure to go back several times throughout the summer for the entertainment, more food and to stock up on my tall socks for the year – oh, and to hopefully rescue the dog that I saw wearing little red booties…I think it was trying to hide from embarrasement!


Golden Village

This area might not be well known by its name, but it is a really popular shopping district for international, Asian and authentic wares. Get goodies from floor to ceiling Asian candies at Aberdeen Centre, unique purses and clothing at Yaohan Centre, dragons beard candy at Parker Place or bubble tea at any of the strip malls.

You can easily walk the area and spend a full day browsing the malls. Actually, walking is recommended but you might have lots of bags to carry after all your shopping!

There are TONS of places to eat and dive into dim sum, curry, thai, shanghai foods. Don’t be shy! Ask lots of questions if you don’t know what to order. Stroll down Hazelbridge and onto Alexandra Rd, aka “Food Street.”

Historic Fishing Village of Steveston

Born and raised in Richmond, BC, I consider myself a Steveston girl. Nestled in the southwest corner of Richmond is this little village. Locals and visitors would say that it’s a lively destination for shopping, dining and exploring where the Fraser River and Pacific Ocean meet.

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